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A Toronto based consulting practice focused on community design, sustainability and strategic implementation.

Stewart Hawes Urban Design provides services in urban visioning, strategic planning, development feasibility and collaborative facilitation. The practices approach combines a deep knowledge of urban redevelopment with a collaborative design process that results in meaningful and implementable urban projects.


Jessica Hawes


Jessica Hawes, Principal at Stewart Hawes Urban Design, is a licensed architect and registered planner. Her visionary work has shaped cities for over 20 years.

Jessica has extensive knowledge and experience in urban redevelopment and innovative city building. Her work is founded on a comprehensive understanding of the policy structure, approval process, and the site specific context of a project.

She approaches each project as an opportunity to encourage strong urban developments that are economically viable and that strengthen the urban vitality of a community.


Urban Design Services

Expertise provided in

Institutional Planning 

Redevelopment and Intensification Studies

Municipal RFP Scoping and Project Planning

Planning Approvals and Policy Interpretation

Best Practices Standards and Design Guidelines

Urban Design Peer Reviews

Major Transit Station Area Redevelopment

Design, Massing and Feasibility Studies

Waterfront Planning and Implementation

Collaborative Process Management

Community Consultation




Sustainability and Technology

The process of planning and designing cities is changing rapidly. Technological advances, sustainability policies and the availability of real-time data will impact everything from how our cities function to how development is designed, planned and approved. At Stewart Hawes Urban Design we are actively engaged in examining the impacts of these changes and are looking to seamlessly incorporate them into everyday urban design practice.

Design Excellence

As designs move through consultation, approvals processes and the media, it is essential that design excellence stays at the forefront of city building discussions.
Stewart Hawes advocates for design diversity and is actively engaged with municipalities on ensuring that planning processes are flexible and promote design excellence.

Collaborative Consultation

Expectations for public and stakeholder consultation are changing. We stay ahead of this change by researching new tools, mediums and techniques to create engaging conversations. Developing new and innovative approaches to consultation is a focus of our research practice.


 Clients and Partners

Jessica has worked with a wide range of clients and partners over the past 20 years.

Past client / partner include:

Canada Lands Company
Carleton University
City of Brampton
City of Burlington
City of Cambridge
City of Guelph
City of Hamilton
City of Kingston
City of Kitchener
City of Mississauga
City of North Bay
City of Peterborough
City of Thunder Bay
City of Toronto
City of Vaughan
City of Waterloo
City of Windsor
Daniels Corporation
Parc Downsview Park
Fleming College
Infrastructure Ontario
King City
Ministry of Francophone Affairs
Mount Royal University
Oxford County
Prince Edward County 
Region of Waterloo
Region of Halon Hills
Toronto Community Housing
Toronto Transit Commission
Town of Clarington 
Town of Whitby
Township of King
Trent University
University of Toronto



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